Friday, May 17, 2013

Vitamins for Fat Loss

Vitamins for Fat Loss

Aside from doing proper exercise and eating a healthy meal - composed of fiber-rich dishes with vegetables that promote weight loss, you can take supplements that can help you further get rid of unwanted fat deposits in your body. Here are some of the most popular fat loss vitamins that you can take into consideration:

Vitamin B2

This vitamin is necessary to keep thyroid function normal. It promotes better digestion and metabolism. Good sources of vitamin B2 includes almonds, brewer's yeast, cheese, free range eggs, green leafy vegetables, liver, yeast extract and milk.

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, vitamin B3 offers the same benefit as that of vitamin B2 - normalizing thyroid function. One of its major roles is in metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein. Great sources of niacin are barley, cheese, asparagus, crimini mushrooms, chicken breast, halibut, salmon, eggs, wheat bran, dried fruits, liver, turkey, tuna and brown rice.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B5 is known as pantothenic acid. It is generally an energy producer, relieves stress, and with the major roles of regulating fat metabolism and in forming antibodies. It helps in detoxifying and keeping nerves healthy for improved adrenal function. Excellent sources of pantothenic acid are barley, yeast extract, brewer's yeast, free range eggs, liver, meat, kidney, poultry, molasses, nuts, green vegetables, wholegrain bread, wheat germ, wheat flakes, and wheat bran. 

Vitamin B6 

Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 has the main purpose of metabolizing fats, particularly unsaturated fats. Like the other vitamin B's, it helps in regulating the thyroids function. You can obtain pyridoxine from whole grains, brewer's yeast, bananas, wheat bran, chicken, wheat germ, beef, oats, eggs, sardines, avocados, mackerel, dried fruit, poultry, brown rice, molasses and cabbage.


Although not a real vitamin since it is produced by the liver, choline is still considered a good chemical that can help improve your fat loss results. This is because it prevents the build-up of fats in different body tissues, particularly in the liver. It provides assistance in burning fats and regulating the movement of cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream. If you'd like to know the natural sources of choline, take note of beef liver, egg yolks, cauliflower, lecithin, peanuts, beef heart, cucumber and wheat germ.


The same as choline, the body naturally produces inositol. It partners with choline to improve the metabolism of fat.