Tuesday, May 14, 2013

True Love Test: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Partner

Love can be very complicated.  When it's true, you know that it is.  For those who are still confused, here are 7 questions to ask yourself and your loved one to find out if what you have is the real thing.  Go ahead and take the true love test:

Am I confident about my relationship?

The test of true love is faith.  You could be in a relationship but may never feel confident or trustful of the person you're with.  You'll know it's true love if you have faith not just in the relationship but in the person you love and that faith is reciprocated.

Am I able to accept this person for who he/she is?

Another test of true love is total, unconditional acceptance of your partner.  You love them for their strong points and you know what their personal flaws are but you accept them.  You don't feel the need to change that person just to fit your own preferences.

Do I see this person in my future?

If you find yourself including your partner in future plans and your goals are somehow related to that person's future, then you have passed another test for true love.  More than the physical partnership, true love is being able to bring another person into your life with full acceptance.  You know there will be risks and a few bumps along the way but you are willing to take them because you know there's nowhere else you want to be.

Am I willing to be selfless?

A common test of true love is selflessness.  If what you have is true love, you put that person's needs ahead of your own.  You do so without feeling as if you got the bad end of a bargain.  It's just simply something you willingly do.

Am I willing to be honest?

You'll know it's true love if you no longer make excuses and start becoming more truthful.  You learn to give full acceptance of someone and have the courage to speak the truth even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Am I willing to forgive?

Either one of you will always make mistakes.  If you're willing to forgive, then you have passed the test for true love.

If I had a choice, would I choose this person again?