Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tips for Celebrating True Love

For most of us, the opportunity for true love comes but once in a lifetime.  If you're one of the fortunate few, who have found their true love, then know that what you have is something to be proud of and happy about.  To honor and strengthen the bonds that tie you and your loved one together, here are 5 tips for celebrating true love:

Continue to accept.

True love thrives on pure acceptance, the kind that you can give without any prejudices, expectations or demands.  To celebrate your true love, constantly offer unconditional acceptance and refuse to judge your partner based on their choices and actions.  True love is not about teaching someone what to do through disapproval but letting them know that we may disagree with what they do but we love them nevertheless.  

Honor your promise.

Celebrating true love is about making good with whatever promises or vows you may have made.  Of course, things change over time and in fact, many of the choices you made in the past may not be as relevant to you today but if what you have is true love, then you have all the reasons in the world to hold true to your promise.

Remain faithful.

There is no way you can celebrate true love if you cannot be trusted.  True love is about faith that the relationship you have is a gift and that you agree to honor it by refusing to be derailed by temptation or distractions.  True love needs focus and it grows stronger with every challenge that you and your partner successfully hurdle.  If trust is not a problem with either one of you, then you can be assured of a happy life together.

Remember the bad times but focus on the good.

You cannot celebrate true love if you refuse to see the imperfect side of your relationship.  No matter how well your relationship is going, it's bound to be met with a few bumps along the road.  Don't let this worry you.  Celebrate your love by remembering the times when you had some difficulties but remember to put more value on the good things.

Let your partner grow.

True love is about letting your partner find their own meaning and their own way.  Don't be afraid of this process because everyone goes through this.

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