Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Three Reasons Why True Love Waits

Most of us spend so much of our time waiting for true love to come that when it does, we go ahead and dive in head first, eager and grateful for the experience to present itself.  Although doing so can probably be chalked off to being passionate about the whole experience, it can sometimes take away from the beauty and dignity of the whole thing.  After all, true love waits and here are reasons why:

True love waits because it is vulnerable.

True love is so precious that we guard it with such zeal.  We know that true love has its strengths but the experience itself can be so fragile that it can easily be damaged.  If we hurry too much, we miss the opportunity to savor its blessings in our lives.  Let's not forget that true love is not a goal, a purpose or a means to an end, it is an opportunity to experience ourselves in relation to someone else in the most divine way.  

True love waits because we're only human.

Being human has its disadvantages.  One is that we are so susceptible to committing mistakes that it can sometimes define us and influence many of the decisions we make.  Even worse news is that some of these decisions, particularly the important ones, are made based on prevailing emotions.  That can be detrimental to true love.

True love waits because it is not an emotion.  It is not the strong yet fleeting current that threatens to wash away our logic, preventing us from looking at the reality of life from a reasonable point of view.  Without this logic, we become more vulnerable to mistakes and expose ourselves to unnecessary pain and disappointment. 

True love waits because we need to be mature enough to carry the responsibility.

True love can sometimes come early in life.  It is still a blessing but it can prove to be a challenge to nurture and maintain.  True love grows out of a common experience shared between two people who are both ready and are willing to make a commitment to be in it for the long haul.  Otherwise, it would only be infatuation or a love based on passion and not really true love.

True love waits because sometimes it touches us at a time in our lives when we are still unsure of ourselves and where we are headed.