Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Importance of Staying Hydrated in Fitness Properly

The main importance of staying hydrated in fitness is to keep your body functioning the way it is designed to function. Your muscle tissue is made up of about seventy-five percent water. When you exercise intensely and become dehydrated your muscles cannot perform as they are designed to do. Your strength, power, and muscle tone will be lost because you let your body get low on water.
When a car engine runs low on water and you keep driving the car the engine will overheat, and parts will start to fail, and eventually the car engine will stop working. When you deplete the water in your body your muscles will cramp, you will become tired, and your body will start to try and shut down some systems so that the basic systems can operate. If you stay dehydrated for too long your body will become violently ill and eventually you will die from a lack of water.
What to drink and what not to drink to stay hydrated for fitness
• Water is the best fluid that you can drink. You need to drink between six and eight cups of water a day. That is eight ounce measuring cups of water. Water is natural, has no calories, and will replenish your body better than any other fluid on earth.
• Sports drinks can help you to replace electrolytes that you have lost, but you need to be careful with sports drinks. Many sports drinks are loaded with sugars that you do not need, and with other elements you do not need. Search for sports drinks that are low in sugar and sodium.
• Stay away from caffeinated beverages.
• Never drink anything with alcohol in it because alcohol actually dehydrates you instead of hydrating you
Ways to make sure you stay hydrated properly
1. Make it a goal to drink between seven and ten ounces of fluid for every twenty minutes of exercise you do

2. Drink sports drinks and coconut water each day to help replace electrolytes you lose during exercise
3. You can get some of your fluid by eating fruits that will provide you with fluid and natural electrolytes
4. Weigh yourself before you start to exercise and after you have finished. For each pound of weight you lose while you are exercising you need to drink an additional sixteen ounces of water to rehydrate your body properly.
5. When you notice a decline in your muscle performance, or your muscles start to feel fatigued then drink more fluids.
The Physical Edge wants everyone to know the importance of staying hydrated while exercising. Your exercise regimen cannot do your body good if you are depleting your body of the fluids it needs.
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