Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Tell People About Your Blog

I am sure you have told all of your friends about your new Blog then found that very few of them visited it more than once. One of the biggest mistake business owners do is thinking that if they have lots of friends and know lots of people then their business will grow but this is completely wrong.
Try grabbing any of the free mail lists present on the internet and send a mail about your site to 100,000 person and see if few weeks later any of them came back to your site. The main reason those people won't come back is that they don't need your site!! And if you want to have a popular website then you must only tell those who need it.

How to tell people about your Blog
Why would your married grand father bother to visit your skate boarding Blog? He wouldn't visit it simply because he is not interested, But your young neighbor who spends 3 hours everyday skate boarding will surely be interested in your blog.
Telling people about your blog in a random manner is like telling your grandfather about your skate boarding website. This is what marketing is all about, finding people with already existing needs then providing them with the solutions they were waiting for.

How to find the right people to tell them??
There are two types of people you should be after, the first group are the ones having certain needs and who are already searching for solutions. As you may have already guessed those are the people who use search engines to locate answers to their problems. Optimize your website for search engines, which is not a hard task by the way, and you will find that you at tracing those who are interested in your content.
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