Thursday, June 6, 2013

Home Business ideas for Christians

There are a lot of home business ideas that can be pursued by aspiring entrepreneurs. And of course, there is a set especially made for Christians. Devout Christians would like to set up a business which is in line with their faith. Below are some ideas that can be considered.

1.Christian Craft Retailer. You can physically build a big stock of Christian crafts and sell it from home. Or you can just maintain a website, offering these Christian gift ideas. You can acquire these from a company or a cause-oriented group that makes them. Your customers will religious church goers and common parishioners. 

2. Christian Bookstore. Just like the Christian crafts retailer business, you can also maintain a store of Christian books as well as others that have inspiring stories in it. You can maintain a store or  it can also be done online. Another idea is making an online library. But you should be well aware of the permissions needed and the copyright laws should you prefer to maintain an online library.

3. Christian T-shirt. You can design T-shirts with Bible quotes in them, or put some prints and pictures with biblical origins. Use your creativity so that the creations will mesh well with today's fashion trend. For all you know, you can be starting a fashion statement and evangelizing at the same time!

4. Christian Poetry and Inspiring Short stories. If you are a good writer, take your pen and start writing some heart-warming poems and human interest stories. You can sell these to a printed Christian magazine or to Christian websites. You can also choose to write exclusively or you can also syndicate.

5. Christian Paintings. For painters out there, this is going to be the right one for you. Take a verse from the bible and imagine the perfect setting for it. Then use your brush and draw your imagination. You can try painting Jesus as he walks through water or as He is teaching the beatitudes. Or you can just paint the mountain and the mustard seed, as in the parable. Anything is drawable. Try it. 

Working at home can be very rewarding. Especially if you are performing a personal mission in connection with it. A lot of people have done well in their respective home business fields.