Friday, May 3, 2013

Listen to What Your Peaceful Moments Have to Tell You

Peaceful moments in our lives are like precious rare jewels that need to be appreciated, remembered and cherished. Each one of us regularly experiences wonderful moments of bliss and peace during the course of our daily activities. 

Determine to become more aware of those moments, notice how you feel at such times, work toward extending those precious moments of peace, and listen to the subtle clues for your life that these moments whisper to your soul. Our very own private and intimate moments of peace are unique to each of us, depending on our own lifestyle and the unique interests of each of us that causes our own heart space to be touched. 

For many people these moments of peace will be experienced just being in the presence of the beauty, solitude and sounds of nature. On a quiet, warm day, it is easy for anyone to feel very peaceful while strolling through a scenic park setting, or perhaps, just sitting in your own backyard if it is only for a few moments. Observing nature's perfect color schemes, feeling the soft and gentle breezes brushing on your flesh, watching the squirrels scurrying about and the birds gliding through the air is enough to fill your heart with wonder, appreciation, and blissful peace. 

Those moments of peacefulness will surely be yours as you are holding and gently rocking your baby to sleep, snuggling with your toddler in one of your favorite chairs while reading, "Adventures With Dora" one more time, or hugging your teenager just because it feels so good. 

Those blissful moments of peace for many people will also occur while being immersed in a project or hobby that you truly enjoy. Painting, drawing, or sculpting, for instance, are hobbies that indulge your senses and satisfy your natural creativity so that you find yourself in a completely peaceful place, almost as if you have entered another space and time. 

Whatever the activities or situations you experience that causes you to feel peaceful, notice the sense of clarity, gratitude, love, and comfort that you feel at those times. You feel as if your sole is smiling. You feel warm and fuzzy. In those moments of peace, life is flowing very well indeed. In those moments of blissful peace anything is possible. You are where you want to be, doing what you want to do, and you are completely fulfilled and satisfied in those fleeting moments of peace. 

As you become more aware of how you feel and listen to your heart space in those moments of peace, you will notice that creative ideas flow through your mind, inspiration exhilarates you, you become energized with a renewed sense of purpose, and answers for troubling problems come to you effortlessly. Listen and remember.