Thursday, May 23, 2013

How love can make you more beautiful

Ever heard of the saying “love makes the world go round”?   It may be true, but do you believe that love makes a person more beautiful?

Ask any beauty icon about her beauty secret and she will tell you that how a woman feels inside shows outside.  In truth, a person who feels loved and in love will have a different aura.  They refer to this as a “gleam in one’s eye or a glow in one’s cheeks”, and is something that improves a person‘s appearance.

It is not necessary for a person to feel the “man and woman” type of love to be beautiful: it can be filial love or love for anything.  What is important is that you have a powerful feeling that transforms heaven and earth and a person’s sense of well-being.

Imagine how you would look if you possess the knowledge that no one cares for you or loves you: this depressed feeling can make you want to frown and look depressed and/or angry.

On the contrary, a person who feels that he is loved by his family, his friends or by a special someone, will have a face that speaks of serenity, peace and happiness.

The glow of love does not only create a glow in one’s heart but it also creates a glow in one’s face and reflects how a person views the world around him.  A lighter feeling inside can result in a lighter face and a happy disposition that will improve one’s appearance.

Haven’t you noticed that almost all women look their prettiest on their wedding day?  Despite the pressure and the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, a woman will still look beautiful on her wedding day.  They call it the glow of love.

It may be the rush of adrenalin that gives people who are in love a special glow that makes their eyes sparkle, or their smiles brighter.   It is often referred to as an inner beauty that is reflected in one’s appearance.

A person who feels loved or who is in love will have more self esteem than an ordinary person.  This self esteem can give a person a beautiful glow that exudes more confident when facing others and in doing his daily tasks.  

A person who exerts a great deal of effort to do the most mundane tasks will probably become happier doing those tasks when he is in love. Consequently work is accomplished more easily.