Friday, March 22, 2013

Our HEART is Not of Flesh & Blood

Cloaked in the illusion of flesh and physicality, we believe we are separate from each other, and judge through flawed perception of outer differences. Like a veil of evil that we do not see through, it has us completely fooled. 

We are lost in masks of misunderstanding, forgetting that our true selves are underneath the disguises. We have become so identified with these false costumes that false hate has developed to those flaunting unrelated costumes. 

We are in amnesia, not knowing that we are all the same underneath the temporal garb of the body. It is only Spirit that is eternal. It is only Spirit that is true. In Spirit we are all related, so much so that there is no difference between any of us. We are one and the same! 

In the center of all is our heart, and it is not of flesh and blood but of Spirit. Seeing only flesh, we have become lost in our physical senses and have lost all transcendental sense of priority. 

Matter does not matter, only Spirit matters. We need to have in our mind the concept of Spirit over matter, not matter over Spirit like we have now. Matter has smothered and suffocated our comprehension of Spirit. 

We have lost our heart and think it only to be a fleshy muscle to move blood through our bodies. We think our life stops when this body organ stops pumping, therefore we are overly protective of our flesh and everything associated with it, except our Spirit. Neglected our Spirit, we have! 

Thoughts of limitation bring thoughts of discontentment and greed. We have excluded our bountiful blessing Spirit and closed ourselves off to others in mistrust, cynicism, contempt, loathing, fear, and hatred just for the sake of our earthly body, biases, and possessions. 

Where is the LOVE? It is in our heart, the heart of ALL, which is SPIRIT, our true heart, which will never cease to enliven us! For now we are asleep to its existence and need to wake up. Wake up to real reality, enlightenment of the eternal, which is actually where we exist together right NOW in THIS VAST MOMENT. 

Heart and Soul and Spirit and Oneness Consciousness contain the entire seamless interconnected Multi-Dimensional Universe and Beyond within. LOVE, when looking without, sees within. All is beauty. Spirit has no boundary. There is no difference or divisiveness, no separation or segregation, no negativity or negation, no denial or projection. 

The heart embraces the bountiful treasure of rich diversity. The heart is the center of circulation, integration, transmutation, and total transfiguration. WE ARE ONE and HEAVEN IS THE SPIRITUAL THOUGHT OF ONENESS...OUR HEART! 

We have only to bring this thought into our earthly experience in order to make earth a heavenly paradise paved with hearts of gold. Awaken to the light of oneness innate in your Heart.