Saturday, March 23, 2013

How To Find God When You Need Urgent Help

Imagine this terrible situation: 

You're at home alone. You've lost your job. In a week, the rent or mortgage is due, as well as the phone, electric, cable, car, and water bill. In other words, in a week you could lose everything! 

Things are about as bad as they can get, short of physical affliction, loss of a precious relationship, or the death of a loved one. 

Like most human beings who believe in God, you reach for divine help. You roll your eyes up to the ceiling and raise your arms and ask for a miracle to save you from the impending disaster. 

You've got urgent questions. You'd like an immediate answer. 

As you ask, "Why me, God?" you start to reflect on the past. You dwell on how you couldn't stand your job and walked out on it. You mull over how tired you were to find another job. You go deeper into doubt, despair, and self-loathing. 

Suddenly, you do hear a voice, perhaps one inside your head, perhaps it's outside of you. However, it shows up, you know that it is God speaking. 

This is what you hear. "When you look for me in the past, with its regrets, resentments, and reflections, you won't find me there. My name was not, is not, and never will be, 'I was.'" 

Given this divine cue, you immediately correct yourself. However, soon enough, you start to worry about the future. What will the landlord or mortgage company do? Will they cut off your essential services or give you more time? Will they seize your car? And so on. 

Once again, you hear the voice. 

"When you look for me in the future, with its worries, wants, and wishes, you won't find me there. My name was not, is not, and will never be, 'I will be'" 

"Where invisible God of all visible things can I find you?" you ask. "I need your help NOW!" 

"NOW," echoes the voice, "is the operative word. Right now, you're sitting here. You're warm. You're clothed. You're sheltered. You're nourished. You've got everything you need right now. This is where you'll find me. My name was, is, and always will be,'I am.'" 

Whenever you're upset about anything, the present is your only point of power. 

Whether you conceive of God as within you or without, as personal or impersonal, as your highest expression or the universe beyond your personal self, now is where you can meet this consciousness of all that exists. 

Now is the time to find God. Here is the place. 

Grace can only come to you when you open up a channel through prayer, contemplation, or meditation. It can only be received here now. 

The here and now is a very small space; too small to fit in both God and a problem. This is where you'll find God when you need urgent help.